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The Bradenton Juice baseball organization is a member of the Florida Gulf Coast League, a collegiate baseball league in Bradenton, Florida. Many vacationers know the history of Bradenton with its historic beaches, Anna Maria Island and Longboat Key for example, but also its historic corporate resident, Tropicana. Founded right here in beautiful Bradenton, Florida, Tropicana is known worldwide for its amazing orange juice, and farmers from all over still truck, boat and rail products to and from Tropicana. A taste of Bradenton can be found in most refrigerators and cabinets around the world today. Bradenton is also the southern home to the Pittsburg Pirates and class A affiliate team, the Bradenton Marauders. In order to produce great orange juice and enjoy great baseball, the climate has to be perfect. Therefore, who could ask for anything better than to come to Bradenton, Florida, discover the gulf beaches, pristine stand, and clear water with an abundance of wildlife, and play our national pastime of baseball in a competitive, exciting, collegiate baseball summer experience.

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